DIY Distribution: Streaming Platforms For Beginners

Don’t leave your finished tracks sitting on your hard drive.

Part of the joy of producing music in the 21st century is that it’s now easier than ever to share and promote your music using the internet. Whilst many of these platforms have been around for a while now, they’re all solid choices for streaming platforms and some even offer remuneration to artists for streaming plays.

Not all music streaming platforms are created equal and you may find, depending on the genre of music that you’re making, that you’ll achieve more success with one than another. Take a methodical approach to uploading your tracks to a handful of them and be careful not to get caught out by any scammers that might be lurking in their depths.


With 207 million users around the world, Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform around and is beloved for its massive song database. Unfortunately, despite the platform’s popularity, you might find that you’re music is left by the wayside as you’ll have to compete with the world’s most popular artists for playtime. If you’re lucky enough to get a track of yours on one of their curated playlists then you may be able to accrue some listens, but otherwise it’s an up hill struggle for up and coming artists.

Apple Music

56 millions active users use Apple Music, most of whom are avid iPhone users. One benefit of opting with this service is that you’ll get paid more for your plays. Apple’s pre-stream rate is 0.00735 cents, whereas Spotify only pays 0.00437 cents. Apple also gets a little more rep for their inclusivity regarding playlist curation and they’ve yet to be accused of creating fake artists…


You might not get paid for your plays on SoundCloud, but by joining this free service you’ll be amongst millions of other creators who are looking to share their work. Whilst the platform used to be used primarily by creators, trendsetters and taste-makers now flock to the app and website to hunt out the freshest sounds. Uploading tracks is free, but you can pay a premium fee for unlimited uploads.


Regardless of if you have any videos prepared or not, YouTube is a great place to share your music and, best of all, it’s free to do so! You can collect your tracks, mixtapes and albums into playlists so that listeners can still get the complete experience but don’t expect any royalties until your channel hits a certain amount of subscriptions…


Set up back in 2008, BandCamp offers an easy way for artists to make money from record sales, and an even easier way for music listeners to explore new music and purchase what they like the sound of. Artists simply upload their tracks to a profile page and add options for extras or physical releases. Users are then free to listen to snippets of tracks and make their purchases.

How to get your music on these platforms?

Of course choosing which platform to upload to can be a headache, not to mention the administrative tasks involved with dealing with each company. Thankfully, Distrokid offers a valuable service to independent artists looking to get as much coverage as possible at a very small price. For $19.99 a year, artists can upload as many tracks as they like and Distrokid does the boring job of listing the music on over 150 music stores for listeners to stream or buy: simple!

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